1/2"n3 D&RGW M.O.W. Cars 06051, 06084 & 06092

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SJD 355a
On3 decal shown.

1/2"n3 D&RGW M.O.W. Cars 06051, 06084 & 06092

This decal set is intended to cover D&RGW Maintenance of Way equipment for which model kits are readily available, but otherwise cannot be fitted into a general category of M.O.W. equipment; specifically, the ex-6000 series flat cars that were converted to M.O.W. service, 06051, 06084, and 06092.

While we normally design our decal sets to cover all the lettering schemes of a car over its' life on a railroad, with only one exception, we were unable to find any pictures of these cars in any paint scheme other than the post-1939, gray with black lettering/flying herald paint scheme.

This set covers this last lettering scheme.

Modelers interested in modeling these cars in the earlier paint scheme (red paint with white lettering) can use our 6000 series flat car decal set and make an educated guess as to the actual lettering used on the car.

This decal set will letter one of these cars in the flying herald paint scheme.