HO S.P. Steam Locomotive Lettering Grey

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SJD 600a

HO S.P. Steam Locomotive Lettering Grey

This lettering gray set is for locomotives painted and lettered between 1946 and 1960.

A great deal of time was spent researching this set of decals by Charles H. Givens  Mr. Givens compiled the historical and technical information on S.P. steam engine painting and lettering, and produced the artwork for the decal set itself.

This highly accurate, high quality decal set covers all steam engines in service on the S.P. from 1946 to 1960, with the exception of those engines painted and lettered for Daylight passenger service.

This set is also available in Aluminum or Aluminum-Bronze, for engines painted and lettered between 1898 and 1946 (SJD-600b).

Each set will letter several different engines.