HOn3 D&RGW 6000 Series 30' Wood Flat Car

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SJD 332

HOn3 D&RGW 6000 Series 30' Wood Flat Car

One hundred 30' wooden flat cars were built built by the D&RG in the mid-1880s and were numbered from 6000 to 6099.

However, the railroad soon required cars with greater capacity and these cars were replaced with heavier capacity cars as needed.

Most of these cars were scrapped or sold, but a few were converted into Maintenance of Way service and survived to the end of service.

None of these cars remained in revenue service by the end of World War II.

This decal set covers the paint and lettering scheme for these cars from the time of the creation of the D&RGW, in 1921, until their end of revenue service, around 1944.

This decal set will letter one 6000 series 30' wooden flat car as they were painted in service on the D&RGW.