HOn3 D&RGW/RGS Steam Locomotives

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HOn3 D&RGW/RGS Steam Locomotives

D&RGW/RGS steam engines went through several different lettering and numbering schemes during their service.

For example the changes in the cab numbering style for the pre and post wreck RGS 455, pre-Sunrise vs. Sunrise RGS styles, as well as the different early and late tender lettering and herald vs. flying Rio Grande logos seen on D&RGW locomotives.

We have attempted to develop decal sheets that will allow the modeler to duplicate almost all engine markings.

We recommend that the modeler refer to pictures that show the specific engine being modeled and the linked examples on this page before making their selection.

This HOn3 decal set will letter one of three D&RGW styles and one of two RGS styles. This set now includes 1920’s era D&RGW tender coal tonnage indicators as well decals unique to C class locomotives.