O Pacific Electric Steam Locomotive (aluminum-bronze)

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O Pacific Electric Steam Locomotive (aluminum-bronze)

When thinking of the Pacific Electric Railway one pictures images of electric street cars. But the Pacific Electric Railway also saw significant steam engine service on its tracks. Steam service began in 1922 and ran through World War 2 and afterwards. The locomotives used on the Pacific Electric Railway were acquired directly or indirectly from the Southern Pacific and they were serviced at the Taylor and Torrance SP yards.

This decal set captures the lettering seen on Pacific Electric locomotives during this time period. The artwork for these decals was created by Paul Koehler, VP of the Southern Pacific Historical and Technical Society, (www.sphts.org) and we are pleased to be able to make these decals available through his efforts.

This decal set is a companion set to our Southern Pacific Steam Engine sets. (SJD-600a/b for HO and SJD-601a/b for O).

You will need a set of SJD-600a/b or 601a/b for the engine number and class lettering to make an accurate representation of a Pacific Electric locomotive.