On3 D&RGW 6200 Series Flat Car

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SJD 362
On3 D&RGW 6200 Series Flat Car

On3 D&RGW 6200 Series Flat Car

The 6200 series flat cars of the D&RGW were original built as wood flat cars as the Class 20 (25 ton #6200 - 6209) and Class 21 (20 ton #6210 - 6219) series in 1918.

These were both 34’ long.

In 1937 these cars were rebuilt using cut down standard gauge bolsters and draft gear, as well as having the center and side sills reinforced with 6” x 8” steel angle stock.

Their length was also increased to 36’ long.

It appears that these cars received only one paint scheme during their service on the D&RGW narrow gauge.

This set covers this lettering scheme and the minor lettering modifications they received. 

This decal set will letter one car.