On3 D&RGW M.O.W. Box/Outfit Cars (black)

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SJD 358b
On3 decal shown.

On3 D&RGW M.O.W. Box/Outfit Cars (black)

These decal sets will cover D&RGW MOW Box/Outfit equipment.

By 1926 many of the rebuilt 30’ 4000 series box cars were being used for non-revenue service.

These were all painted red with white lettering with a very small number getting the Moffatt Herald as well.

By the early 1940’s these cars were repainted in grey and given the Black “Flying Rio Grande” paint scheme.

Some of these cars however were never repainted and remained red until the end of D&RGW operations. (Commissary 04022 for example.)

These cars were slowly scrapped as they wore out or were no longer needed until only a few were left when the D&RGW ceased operations in the late 1960’s.

This set is for the post 1940’s grey and black scheme.

The Commissary Car 04022 was probably never painted in this scheme but is included never the less.

This On3 set will also letter the three 3000 series box cars that were used as supply cars.