On3 D&RGW Passenger Car 1912-1951 Imitation Gold Leaf

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SJD 701g

On3 D&RGW Passenger Car 1912-1951 Imitation Gold Leaf

This decal set is designed for the 1930-1951 time period, but can be used for most cars back to 1912 or earlier.

The car names included are only for the cars existing in the 1930s, and the express markings are only for 1918 and later.

Lettering was always gold until the cars were painted yellow.

At different times, Dulux Gold and Imitation Gold paint were used.

The use of gold striping was discontinued in 1912.

The actual lettering styles and layouts for the 1870 to 1912 period are hard to determine from photos because the photo emulsions in those days did not register the lettering on the red cars.

One photo labeled as taken in 1886 does show "Denver & Rio Grande" on the letterboard in the same style as these decals.

This decal set will letter 4 to 7 passenger cars depending on the types of cars being lettered.