On3 DSP&P Cooke Locomotive (Yellow-Red)

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SJD 280a
Sheet 1

On3 DSP&P Cooke Locomotive (Yellow-Red)

George Sebastian-Coleman put considerable effort into the research and then artwork creation for these decal sets.

These decals reflect the lettering changes made in 1883 to all DSP&P locomotives through rebuilding and repainting.

The decal sets reflect the three main types of DSP&P locomotives -- the Mason-Bogies, Cooke and the Brooks, Dawson & Bailey, and Baldwin locomotives.

These decal sets include the shadowbox style of lettering and come in two color schemes -- gold leaf with red shadowbox and yellow with red shadowbox.

These decals are applied in a two-step process with the shadowbox lettering applied first followed by either the gold or yellow lettering on top.